ASUS Zenbook UX305FA-ASM1 13.3-Inch Ultra-Slim Aluminum Laptop

ASUS Zenbook UX305FA-ASM1 is lighter, slimmer and faster than other notebooks in its class to give you the unmatched power and all-day portability you need to conquer your day. And when other glossy notebooks show more glare than what’s actually on the screen, ASUS ZenBook always shines through even the sunniest days thanks to the 13-inch matte anti-glare wide-angle IPS display. Featuring the new Intel Core M processor, do more with faster speeds and enhanced efficiency that automatically adjusts performance to what you’re doing. Add to that the incredible responsiveness of the Solid State Drive (SSD), everything from startup to loading demanding programs happens in a flash. And like the silent power of an electric sports car, the fanless processor and SSD give you all the power you want--without any of the noise.

ASUS Zenbook UX305FA-ASM1 13.3-Inch Ultra-Slim Aluminum Laptop

Looking for a high quality computer that runs Windows? Look no further. This ASUS Zenbook UX305FA-ASM1 small Asus laptop is a powerhouse in a tiny body and, from everything I've seen so far, is the ideal laptop for someone who is looking for a Windows-based laptop that is easy to travel with.


+ The weight - this thing is LIGHT! As a photography I regularly use a laptop that has a 17" screen so that I can best edit my photos. When I pick up my large laptop, after handling the Zenbook, it feels like a brick. At one point my 10 year old daughter was using one hand to hold the Zenbook and another to type - that is how light it is!

+ The QUIET! Until the Zenbook I never realized how noisy my regular computer truly was. The fan running in my regular computer helps to keep it cool, which is a necessity when running photoshop, but it is definitely one of those small background noises that you tend to start to ignore after awhile. The moment I started using the Zenbook was when I realized how accustomed to my laptops fan noise I had become. When the manufacturer says the Zenbook is quiet, they weren't kidding!

+ The accessibility. Most normal laptops take at least 20-30 minutes to set up the first time. The Zenbook took less than 10. In less than 10 minutes it was up and running, connected to the internet (and keep in mind my internet is fairly slow) and my Google desktop and information was transferred onto it. If you know how to run Windows 8.1, you'll be fine. If you don't, this may be a bit of a learning curve.

+ The charging. This laptop charges faster than any laptop I've ever owned - it roughly charges in the same amount of time as my Kindle Fire does!

+ The battery. For an experiment, we unplugged the Zenbook at 3 PM and started using it. I used it a bit, my husband did, my daughter and my son, without ever once plugging it back in. Sometimes we closed the lid and let it sleep, other times it was used for web-based gaming or internet browsing, or simply to listen to music. By 11 PM that night the Zenbook still had 31% battery. We were impressed.

+ The look. This laptop looks beautiful. With it's sleek casing and the slim size, it simply looks impressive!

+ The Bluetooth. Not every laptop comes with Bluetooth connectivity, but this little sweetheart does. We had it hooked up to our Bluetooth speakers very quickly, which is good because the speakers on the Zenbook aren't the greatest.


- The battery. Unlike my regular laptop, the Zenbook seems to have an internal battery. While it holds it's battery charge most impressively, I wonder what will happen if the battery starts to die as it looks as though it can't be replaced easily.

- The case. As gorgeous as the casing is, it does tend to get fingerprint marks on it fairly easily. They're not hugely noticeable unless the lighting is right, but if you want your laptop looking pristine you'd definitely be wiping it down on a regular basis.

- The speakers. As with most laptops, this one comes loaded with Spotify. Unfortunately we weren't super impressed with the volume out of the Zenbook. The small speakers are on the bottom of the laptop, which actually took us a little bit of time to find because they're so small. As a family of audiophiles, we weren't hugely impressed with the volume of sound the Zenbook had, but the quality wasn't horrible - we just wish it could go a bit louder.

- The size. Now please note that we have not dropped, banged, or otherwise dinged up our Zenbook so I'm not sure how much it will hold up to being beaten around, but I can see how someone would worry that the size of the Zenbook would make it more delicate. I can say that the casing seems extremely sturdy, not flimsy at all, and it's my educated guess that it can easily put up with the rigors of everyday life.

As someone who has always had 15" or larger laptops, I am beyond impressed by the ASUS Zenbook UX305FA-ASM1. I absolutely adore the speed and efficiency of the Zenbook and was shocked to realize that I don't feel deprived by the 13" screen. While this isn't the laptop to get for someone who is into serious, hardcore gaming, nor someone who needs to edit photos using a program that takes up tons of your computers memory, this IS the ideal laptop for someone who wants to be able to take their laptop with them quickly and easily, and for anyone who wants a small, affordable laptop that is packing more than enough power for everyday projects underneath it's casing.

Technical Details

  • Screen Size : 13.3 inches
  • Max Screen Resolution : 1920*1080 pixels
  • Processor : 0 MHz Core M-5Y10
  • RAM : 8 GB DDR3
  • Hard Drive : 0 GB 256GB Solid State
  • Wireless Type : 802.11 a/g/n
  • Number of USB 3.0 Ports : 3
  • Average Battery Life (in hours) : 8 hours
  • Operating System : Windows 8.1
  • Item Weight : 2.6 pounds
  • Item Dimensions L x W x H : 12.80 x 8.90 x 0.50 inches
  • Color : Black
  • Processor Brand : Intel
  • Processor Count : 2
  • Flash Memory Size : 256
  • Hard Drive Interface : Solid State
  • Batteries: : 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

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